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    My partner & I have enjoyed numerous lunches & breakfasts at Homestead Coffee Lounge in Tamworth! The meals are exceptional which explains why we have been visiting the Homestead frequently for over 10 years! Most delicious iced coffee I have ever tasted too!
    By Evon YULE, December 28, 2020
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    The clothes here are really awful. Much of the stock is damaged or dirty. Theres nothing of quality here at all. Not worth it.
    By Claire, December 26, 2020
  • My review of the property manager Con, at John Ness is very interesting indeed... Con had promised that our bond would be returned by today and when i rang him to inquire he ranted at me that "the money is there and calm down mate". Very professional. I then asked why the paperwork had not even been lodged with the Bond Board as I had to chase it up and got "what does it matter,its coming". Again, very professional!! When asked why the paperwork had not been lodged he promptly replied "I only just got it back signed", to which i added "we signed it on the day of the final inspection when you told me you would lodge it",he then told me to "calm down and dont worry,anyway whats the big problem, its coming." I then asked to speak with John Ness himself to which Con replied"Whos that?",I said your boss and he screamed down the phone at me"Im the boss mate, Im the boss" Which is more lies because I met John well before I ever rented from them and he is a decent man!.So my review is this...CON IS A USELESS INCOMPETENT THAT HAS THE PROFESSIONALISM OF A DUNG BEETLE AND AN ATTITUDE OF THE DUNG!!! HE IS A LIAR AND I WOULD STRONGLY RECCOMMEND NOBODY EVER USE THIS REAL ESTATE EVER FOR RENTALS OR OTHERWISE WHILE THERE IS A PROPERTY MANAGER FITTINGLY NAMED CON!!!
    By Nathan, December 26, 2020

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