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    A family member engaged Helena Mumford for what appeared at the time to be a straight forward case involving estate litigation and a challenge to a will. Helena was quite convincing in extolling her experience in this area and knowing no better, she was retained for well over 12mths. What I observed was that Helena does not appreciate her judgement being questioned, and immediately brings out the you dont have faith in me card, find another lawyer - which is hardly an easy thing to do when youve already spent 10s of thousands of dollars on her legal fees and would have to effectively start from scratch again. Helenas experience in this area was clearly insufficient to address the issue my family member had. It was quite shallow, and although Helenas hourly service was cheaper than some other law firms, in my opinion you would be far better served taking any sort of estate litigation/will dispute to a specialist in this field. On the surface you may appear to be spending more, but Helenas claims that this case would be quite straight forward and her initial quote IVO 20K (at most), were completely wrong on both counts. She failed to negotiate any sort of compromise agreement, but at the point where we were able to do it ourselves, she unilaterally severed her retainer, notifying the opposing parties legal team at the same time she notified my family member. So, for over 60K, my family member found herself without a lawyer, and in an extremely vulnerable position because Helena had already advised the opposing legal team who were now well aware of the vulnerable position Helenas client was suddenly in. If you have a simple matter, I suspect Helena would be fine. If it is complex, head straight to a legal specialist who deals in nothing but the area you need assistance in. Old saying - pay peanuts, get monkeys.
    By Cex Xifa Kexcaxted, December 27, 2020
  • Disappointing experience. Lies, lies and more lies. Then found the work to be of poor quality.
    By Garry, December 26, 2020
  • ☆ ☆
    I found the services of Incodes engineers great. I worked with a good team and with a project manager that answered all the questions I had. As a manager of a huge project myself, I needed to be up to date all the time with all what happened onsite and this contractor never failed.
    I will manage other important construction projects and I plan working with Incode from now on too.
    By Hannah Smith, December 23, 2020

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